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Dark Astral Nebula

You will travel through the lands of each element

Solve various puzzles filled with enemies and platforming areas by using the nebuloid's special ability: teleportation. Our protagonist can walk horizontally, however, he can also teleport up and down. This will allow you to sneak around dangerous areas and make your way to the finish line.


mana DAN sin fondo.png

With an award for the best artistic section

This game is amazing, I really enjoyed playing this game, it is not like any other game I have played, the story is good, and the levels are fun, and I like the teleporting mechanic quite a lot, I would mention other things but don't want to spoil the game. I 100% recommend playing this game if you halve not already. :)


"A super nice surreal and minimalist style with an impressive soundtrack"


"Characters very cute and pleasant to see. Music is another level of greatness"


Music is very important in Dark Astral Nebula

It has been composed by the same creator of the game

Ice lands

Main theme




Download the game for Windows

You can download it on the Gamejolt page or on

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